Top 20 Most Popular Hacking Tools in 2023

As last year, this year we made a ranking with the most popular tools between January and December 2023.

The tools of this year encompass a diverse range of cybersecurity disciplines, including AI-Enhanced Penetration Testing, Advanced Vulnerability Management, Stealth Communication Techniques, Open-Source General Purpose Vulnerability Scanning, and more.

Without going into further details, we have prepared a useful list of the most popular tools in Kitploit 2023:

  1. PhoneSploit-Pro - An All-In-One Hacking Tool To Remotely Exploit Android Devices Using ADB And Metasploit-Framework To Get A Meterpreter Session

  2. Gmailc2 - A Fully Undetectable C2 Server That Communicates Via Google SMTP To Evade Antivirus Protections And Network Traffic Restrictions

  3. Faraday - Open Source Vulnerability Management Platform

  4. CloakQuest3r - Uncover The True IP Address Of Websites Safeguarded By Cloudflare

  5. Killer - Is A Tool Created To Evade AVs And EDRs Or Security Tools

  6. Geowifi - Search WiFi Geolocation Data By BSSID And SSID On Different Public Databases

  7. Waf-Bypass - Check Your WAF Before An Attacker Does

  8. PentestGPT - A GPT-empowered Penetration Testing Tool

  9. Sirius - First Truly Open-Source General Purpose Vulnerability Scanner

  10. LSMS - Linux Security And Monitoring Scripts

  11. GodPotato - Local Privilege Escalation Tool From A Windows Service Accounts To NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

  12. Bypass-403 - A Simple Script Just Made For Self Use For Bypassing 403

  13. ThunderCloud - Cloud Exploit Framework

  14. GPT_Vuln-analyzer - Uses ChatGPT API And Python-Nmap Module To Use The GPT3 Model To Create Vulnerability Reports Based On Nmap Scan Data

  15. Kscan - Simple Asset Mapping Tool

  16. RedTeam-Physical-Tools - Red Team Toolkit - A Curated List Of Tools That Are Commonly Used In The Field For Physical Security, Red Teaming, And Tactical Covert Entry

  17. DNSWatch - DNS Traffic Sniffer and Analyzer

  18. IpGeo - Tool To Extract IP Addresses From Captured Network Traffic File

  19. TelegramRAT - Cross Platform Telegram Based RAT That Communicates Via Telegram To Evade Network Restrictions

  20. XSS-Exploitation-Tool - An XSS Exploitation Tool

Happy New Year wishes the KitPloit team!

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