Top 20 Most Popular Hacking Tools in 2022

As last year, this year we made a ranking with the most popular tools between January and December 2022.

Topics of the tools focus on PhishingInformation Gathering, Automation Tools, among others.

Without going into further details, we have prepared a useful list of the most popular tools in Kitploit 2022:

  1. Zphisher - Automated Phishing Tool

  2. CiLocks - Android LockScreen Bypass

  3. Arkhota - A Web Brute Forcer For Android

  4. GodGenesis - A Python3 Based C2 Server To Make Life Of Red Teamer A Bit Easier. The Payload Is Capable To Bypass All The Known Antiviruses And Endpoints

  5. AdvPhishing - This Is Advance Phishing Tool! OTP PHISHING

  6. Modded-Ubuntu - Run Ubuntu GUI On Your Termux With Much Features

  7. Android-PIN-Bruteforce - Unlock An Android Phone (Or Device) By Bruteforcing The Lockscreen PIN

  8. Android_Hid - Use Android As Rubber Ducky Against Another Android Device

  9. Cracken - A Fast Password Wordlist Generator, Smartlist Creation And Password Hybrid-Mask Analysis Tool

  10. HackingTool - ALL IN ONE Hacking Tool For Hackers

  11. Arbitrium-RAT - A Cross-Platform, Fully Undetectable Remote Access Trojan, To Control Android, Windows And Linux

  12. Weakpass - Rule-Based Online Generator To Create A Wordlist Based On A Set Of Words

  13. Geowifi - Search WiFi Geolocation Data By BSSID And SSID On Different Public Databases

  14. BITB - Browser In The Browser (BITB) Templates

  15. Blackbird - An OSINT Tool To Search For Accounts By Username In 101 Social Networks

  16. Espoofer - An Email Spoofing Testing Tool That Aims To Bypass SPF/DKIM/DMARC And Forge DKIM Signatures

  17. Pycrypt - Python Based Crypter That Can Bypass Any Kinds Of Antivirus Products

  18. Grafiki - Threat Hunting Tool About Sysmon And Graphs

  19. VLANPWN - VLAN Attacks Toolkit

  20. linWinPwn - A Bash Script That Automates A Number Of Active Directory Enumeration And Vulnerability Checks

Happy New Year wishes the KitPloit team!

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