How Can Manufacturing Companies Improve Network Access and Security?

The manufacturing industry faces complex challenges other sectors of the economy need not worry about. Manufacturers rely heavily on everything from positive global economic trends to laws that lift certain burdens. And companies involved with manufacturing consistently focus on increased productivity with an eye for maintaining a cost-effective bottom line. While all these things present unique challenges. Arguably, among the most difficult challenges come from maximizing security on all levels. Computers, IT networks, and data storage locations must remain secure or else all kinds of chaos may reign down on a company. Taking steps to improve security must be a multi-faceted process. Anything left unsecured simply presents a troubling hazard. 

What contributes to security complexities in the manufacturing world? A simple answer would be "many things." One of the more specific reasons reveals itself when examining issues surrounding third-parties and manufacturing companies. Manufacturing companies do not exist as islands unto themselves.

Third-Party Concerns

Manufacturers do need to move and sell merchandise. Therefore, manufacturers maintain close relationships with distributors and vendors. To eliminate cumbersome steps and unwanted costs, third-parties may be given access to private networks and data in a manufacturing company. To speed up access, these third-parties might receive single sign on privileges. Clearly, the various third-party actors should not be accessing anything until the company has a strong permissions system in place. Controlling access and auditing those granted permissions could assist with any decisions to better enhance third-party security in the future.

Exploring the services offered by OneLogin reveals insight into how SSO and access management can be performed. Based in San Francisco, OneLogin assists many clients with access management needs. OneLogin has also published information on its website to contribute free advice on how to raise awareness about security and access management issues.

Don't Make Compromising Security Easy

Utilizing single sign on (SSO) programs does make it easier for everyone to log into a company's system. So, creating better and more complicated passwords makes sense since the sign on process has been made easier. And complicated, difficult-to-crack passwords deliver significant benefits to a manufacturing business worried about security. Stolen or otherwise compromised passwords and credentials account for a tremendous number of unauthorized breaches to a network. As shocking as it sounds, staff and management in many companies use highly-common and easily-guessable passwords. They also do not secure passwords. Writing down a password and leaving it on a desk or in a public place hardly cute down on the potential for unauthorized access.

Password and other credentials must be kept secure. Otherwise, security breach risks increase dramatically. As simple as this basic truism remains, people don't always heed the advice.

Beware of Hackers

Actually, manufacturing companies must do more than just be on the alert for hackers. Specific steps must be taken to protect computers and networks from hackers, viruses, and other risks capable fo threatening the system. Perhaps the time has arrived to bring in a security expert to perform a critical audit. If the audit reveals deficiencies, direct steps must be taken to close them up. Otherwise, an ajar or outright open security window exists to create easy access for troublemakers. Yes, there may be additional expenses required to boost computer and network security. These costs may be well worth the expense considering the protections they deliver.

Address Current Identity Management Issues

Certain identity management operational systems might be the same ones used by a company for years. The classic "support ticket" approach to dealing with network problems or concerns never seems to be upgraded at various businesses. While things may seem to be working fine, the slow, unproductive, and potentially costly nature of using an outdated system cries for an upgrade. When identity management issues run the risk of being improperly handled due to old and outdated approaches.

Upgrades should be performed at all levels of operations when appropriate. Companies such as OneLogin do strive to modernize access management in manufacturing and other industries. Looking at how this company works for inspiration might be worth the time commitment.

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