JCS - Joomla Vulnerability Component Scanner

JCS (Joomla Component Scanner) made for penetration testing purpose on Joomla CMS JCS can help you with the latest component vulnerabilities and exploits. The database can update from several resources and a Crawler has been implemented to find components and component's link.
This version supports Exploitdb and Packetstorm vulnerabilities to create a database for joomla components JCS can also create a Report in HTML for you.

  • Multi-Thread
  • Delay between requests
  • Custom Http Headers
  • Supports Http-Proxy
  • Supports Http Authentication:
    • BASIC
    • DIGEST
  • Component crawler base by Regex-Pattern
  • Component's Page Identification By:
    • Page Comparison
    • Regex Pattern
    • Searching in HTML tags example: <title>not found</title>
    • Checking Http Status Code

Report Sample:

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