InjectProc - Process Injection Techniques

Process injection is a very popular method to hide malicious behavior of code and are heavily used by malware authors.

There are several techniques, which are commonly used: DLL injection, process replacement (a.k.a process hollowing), hook injection and APC injection.

Most of them use same Windows API functions: OpenProcess, VirtualAllocEx, WriteProcessMemory, for detailed information about those functions, use MSDN.

DLL injection:
  • Open target process.
  • Allocate space.
  • Write code into the remote process.
  • Execute the remote code.

Process replacement:
  • Create target process and suspend it.
  • Unmap from memory.
  • Allocate space.
  • Write headers and sections into the remote process.
  • Resume remote thread.

Hook injection:
  • Find/Create process.
  • Set hook

APC injection:
  • Open process.
  • Allocate space.
  • Write code into remote threads.
  • "Execute" threads using QueueUserAPC.

Windows x64 binary - x64 bit DEMO

vc_redist.x64 - Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable


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