CSAF - Cyber Security Awareness Framework

The Cyber Security Awareness Framework (CSAF) is a structured approach aimed at enhancing Cybersecurity" title="Cybersecurity">cybersecurity awareness and understanding among individuals, organizations, and communities. It provides guidance for the development of effective Cybersecurity" title="Cybersecurity">cybersecurity awareness programs, covering key areas such as assessing awareness needs, creating educational m aterials, conducting training and simulations, implementing communication campaigns, and measuring awareness levels. By adopting this framework, organizations can foster a robust security culture, enhance their ability to detect and respond to cyber threats, and mitigate the risks associated with attacks and security breaches.



  • Docker
  • Docker-compose



  • 4 Core CPU
  • 10GB RAM
  • 60GB Disk free


  • 8 Core CPU or above
  • 16GB RAM or above
  • 100GB Disk free or above


Clone the repository

git clone https://github.com/csalab-id/csaf.git

Navigate to the project directory

cd csaf

Pull the Docker images

docker-compose --profile=all pull

Generate wazuh ssl certificate

docker-compose -f generate-indexer-certs.yml run --rm generator

For security reason you should set env like this first

export ATTACK_PASS=ChangeMePlease
export DEFENSE_PASS=ChangeMePlease
export MONITOR_PASS=ChangeMePlease
export SPLUNK_PASS=ChangeMePlease
export GOPHISH_PASS=ChangeMePlease
export MAIL_PASS=ChangeMePlease
export PURPLEOPS_PASS=ChangeMePlease

Start all the containers

docker-compose --profile=all up -d

You can run specific profiles for running specific labs with the following profiles - all - attackdefenselab - phisinglab - breachlab - soclab

For example

docker-compose --profile=attackdefenselab up -d


Exposed Ports

An exposed port can be accessed using a proxy socks5 client, SSH client, or HTTP client. Choose one for the best experience.

  • Port 6080 (Access to attack network)
  • Port 7080 (Access to defense network)
  • Port 8080 (Access to monitor network)

Example usage

Access internal network with proxy socks5

  • curl --proxy socks5://ipaddress:6080
  • curl --proxy socks5://ipaddress:7080
  • curl --proxy socks5://ipaddress:8080

Remote ssh with ssh client

  • ssh kali@ipaddress -p 6080 (default password: attackpassword)
  • ssh kali@ipaddress -p 7080 (default password: defensepassword)
  • ssh kali@ipaddress -p 8080 (default password: monitorpassword)

Access kali linux desktop with curl / browser

  • curl http://ipaddress:6080/vnc.html
  • curl http://ipaddress:7080/vnc.html
  • curl http://ipaddress:8080/vnc.html

Domain Access

  • http://attack.lab/vnc.html (default password: attackpassword)
  • http://defense.lab/vnc.html (default password: defensepassword)
  • http://monitor.lab/vnc.html (default password: monitorpassword)
  • https://gophish.lab:3333/ (default username: admin, default password: gophishpassword)
  • https://server.lab/ (default username: [email protected], default passowrd: mailpassword)
  • https://server.lab/iredadmin/ (default username: [email protected], default passowrd: mailpassword)
  • https://mail.server.lab/ (default username: [email protected], default passowrd: mailpassword)
  • https://mail.server.lab/iredadmin/ (default username: [email protected], default passowrd: mailpassword)
  • http://phising.lab/
  • http://gitea.lab/ (default username: csalab, default password: giteapassword)
  • http://dvwa.lab/ (default username: admin, default passowrd: password)
  • http://dvwa-monitor.lab/ (default username: admin, default passowrd: password)
  • http://dvwa-modsecurity.lab/ (default username: admin, default passowrd: password)
  • http://wackopicko.lab/
  • http://juiceshop.lab/
  • https://wazuh-indexer.lab:9200/ (default username: admin, default passowrd: SecretPassword)
  • https://wazuh-manager.lab/
  • https://wazuh-dashboard.lab:5601/ (default username: admin, default passowrd: SecretPassword)
  • http://splunk.lab/ (default username: admin, default password: splunkpassword)
  • https://infectionmonkey.lab:5000/
  • http://purpleops.lab/ (default username: [email protected], default password: purpleopspassword)
  • http://caldera.lab/ (default username: red/blue, default password: calderapassword)

Network / IP Address


  • attack.lab
  • phising.lab
  • server.lab
  • mail.server.lab
  • gophish.lab
  • infectionmonkey.lab
  • mongodb.lab
  • purpleops.lab
  • caldera.lab


  • defense.lab
  • dvwa.lab
  • wackopicko.lab
  • juiceshop.lab
  • gitea.lab
  • infectionmonkey.lab
  • purpleops.lab
  • caldera.lab


  • server.lab
  • mail.server.lab
  • mariadb.lab
  • dvwa.lab
  • dvwa-monitor.lab
  • dvwa-modsecurity.lab
  • monitor.lab
  • wazuh-manager.lab
  • wazuh-indexer.lab
  • wazuh-dashboard.lab
  • splunk.lab


  • defense.lab
  • wackopicko.lab


  • monitor.lab
  • wazuh-manager.lab
  • wazuh-dashboard.lab
  • splunk.lab


  • attack.lab
  • dvwa-modsecurity.lab
  • wackopicko.lab


This Docker Compose application is released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.

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