Metabrik - Perl Brik Platform

Smartphones have their apps, Web browsers have their apps, shells don’t. With Metabrik, we tried to merge the power of shells with the power of the Perl language by creating a platform allowing to quickly write reusable Briks.

Metabrik goals:
  • Glue the Perl language with a shell
  • Give a standardised API to write reusable Briks
  • Self-documented Briks to make them easy to use
  • Only 4 main shell commands to remember: use, set, get, run
Metabrik features:
  • Completion on Brik names, Commands and Attributes
  • Completion on file manipulation
  • Completion on Perl variable names
  • Command history and recalling
  • Customization support with a .rc file
  • Scripting support
  • Multiple Brik repositories support
Metabrik helps you to concentrate on scenarios instead of wasting your time searching how to use a program. You just have to reuse available Briks to perform your everyday job.
The two main ideas behind Metabrik are:

  • You have the brain, code has the details
  • Do it once

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