[Hashkill 0.3.1] Password Cracker Tool Released

 Hashkill is an opensource hash cracker for Linux that uses OpenSSL. Currently it supports 4 attack methods (dictionary, bruteforce, hybrid).

Password Cracker Tool Hashkill version 0.3.1 released
Hashkill has 35 plugins for different types of passwords (ranging from simple hashes like MD5 and SHA1 to passworded ZIP files and private SSL key passphrases).

Multi-hash support (you may load hashlists of length up to 1 million) and very fast GPU support on Nvidia (compute capability 2.1 cards also supported) and ATI (4xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx).

The latest update includes 9 new plugins: bfunix, drupal7, django256, sha256unix, mssql-2012, o5logon, msoffice-old, msoffice, luks. Of them msoffice-old is currently supported on CPU only, the rest are GPU-accelerated. Improved bitmaps handling in non-salted kernels addded, so that huge hashlists would be cracked at faster speeds. Now Thermal monitoring can now be disabled using -T 0 command-line argument.

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