Reaper - Proof Of Concept On BYOVD Attack

Reaper is a proof-of-concept designed to exploit BYOVD (Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver) driver vulnerability. This malicious technique involves inserting a legitimate, vulnerable driver into a target system, which allows attackers to exploit the driver to perform malicious actions.

Reaper was specifically designed to exploit the vulnerability present in the kprocesshacker.sys driver in version, taking advantage of its weaknesses to gain privileged access and control over the target system.

Note: Reaper does not kill the Windows Defender process, as it has a protection, Reaper is a simple proof of concept.


  • Kill process
  • Suspend process


/ __ \___ ____ _____ ___ _____
/ /_/ / _ \/ __ `/ __ \/ _ \/ ___/
/ _, _/ __/ /_/ / /_/ / __/ /
/_/ |_|\___/\__,_/ .___/\___/_/

[Coded by MrEmpy]

Usage: C:\Windows\Temp\Reaper.exe [OPTIONS] [VALUES]
sp, suspend process
kp, kill process

PROCESSID process id to suspend/kill

Reaper.exe sp 1337
Reaper.exe kp 1337



You can compile it directly from the source code or download it already compiled. You will need Visual Studio 2022 to compile.

Note: The executable and driver must be in the same directory.

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