MasterParser - Powerful DFIR Tool Designed For Analyzing And Parsing Linux Logs

What is MasterParser ?

MasterParser stands as a robust Digital Forensics and Incident Response tool meticulously crafted for the analysis of Linux logs within the var/log directory. Specifically designed to expedite the investigative process for security incidents on Linux systems, MasterParser adeptly scans supported logs, such as auth.log for example, extract critical details including SSH logins, user creations, event names, IP addresses and much more. The tool's generated summary presents this information in a clear and concise format, enhancing efficiency and accessibility for Incident Responders. Beyond its immediate utility for DFIR teams, MasterParser proves invaluable to the broader InfoSec and IT community, contributing significantly to the swift and comprehensive assessment of security events on Linux platforms.

MasterParser Wallpapers

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Supported Logs Format

This is the list of supported log formats within the var/log directory that MasterParser can analyze. In future updates, MasterParser will support additional log formats for analysis. |Supported Log Formats List| | --- | | auth.log |

Feature & Log Format Requests:

If you wish to propose the addition of a new feature \ log format, kindly submit your request by creating an issue Click here to create a request

How To Use ?

How To Use - Text Guide

  1. From this GitHub repository press on "<> Code" and then press on "Download ZIP".
  2. From "" export the folder "MasterParser-main" to you Desktop.
  3. Open a PowerSehll terminal and navigate to the "MasterParser-main" folder.
# How to navigate to "MasterParser-main" folder from the PS terminal
PS C:\> cd "C:\Users\user\Desktop\MasterParser-main\"
  1. Now you can execute the tool, for example see the tool command menu, do this:
# How to show MasterParser menu
PS C:\Users\user\Desktop\MasterParser-main> .\MasterParser.ps1 -O Menu
  1. To run the tool, put all your /var/log/* logs in to the 01-Logs folder, and execute the tool like this:
# How to run MasterParser
PS C:\Users\user\Desktop\MasterParser-main> .\MasterParser.ps1 -O Start
  1. That's it, enjoy the tool!

How To Use - Video Guide

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