Sicat - The Useful Exploit Finder


SiCat is an advanced exploit search tool designed to identify and gather information about exploits from both open sources and local repositories effectively. With a focus on cybersecurity, SiCat allows users to quickly search online, finding potential vulnerabilities and relevant exploits for ongoing projects or systems.

SiCat's main strength lies in its ability to traverse both online and local resources to collect information about relevant exploitations. This tool aids cybersecurity professionals and researchers in understanding potential security risks, providing valuable insights to enhance system security.

SiCat Resources


git clone && cd sicat

pip install -r requirements.txt


~$ python --help

Command Line Options:

Command Description
-h Show help message and exit
-nm Identify via nmap output
--nvd Use NVD as info source
--packetstorm Use PacketStorm as info source
--exploitdb Use ExploitDB as info source
--exploitalert Use ExploitAlert as info source
--msfmoduke Use metasploit as info source
-o OUTPUT Path to save output to
-ot OUTPUT_TYPE Output file type: json or html


From keyword

python -k telerik --exploitdb --msfmodule

From nmap output

nmap --open -sV localhost -oX nmap_out.xml
python -nm nmap_out.xml --packetstorm


  • [ ] Input from nmap result from pipeline
  • [ ] Nmap multiple host support
  • [ ] Search NSE Script
  • [ ] Search by PORT


I'm aware that perfection is elusive in coding. If you come across any bugs, feel free to contribute by fixing the code or suggesting new features. Your input is always welcomed and valued.

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