Dorkish - Chrome Extension Tool For OSINT & Recon

During reconaissance phase or when doing OSINT , we often use google dorking and shodan and thus the idea of Dorkish.
Dorkish is a Chrome extension tool that facilitates custom dork creation for Google and Shodan using the builder and it offers prebuilt dorks for efficient reconnaissance and OSINT engagement.

Installation And Setup

1- Clone the repository

git clone

2- Go to chrome://extensions/ and enable the Developer mode in the top right corner.
3- click on Load unpacked extension button and select the dorkish folder.

Note: For firefox users , you can find the extension here :


Google dorking

  • Builder with keywords to filter your google search results.
  • Prebuilt dorks for Bug bounty programs.
  • Prebuilt dorks used during the reconnaissance phase in bug bounty.
  • Prebuilt dorks for exposed files and directories
  • Prebuilt dorks for logins and sign up portals
  • Prebuilt dorks for cyber secruity jobs

Shodan dorking

  • Builder with filter keywords used in shodan.
  • Varierty of prebuilt dorks to find IOT , Network infrastructure , cameras , ICS , databases , etc.


Once you have found or built the dork you need, simply click it and click search. This will direct you to the desired search engine, Shodan or Google, with the specific dork you've entered. Then, you can explore and enjoy the results that match your query.


  • Add more useful dorks and catogories
  • Fix some bugs
  • Add a search bar to search through the results
  • Might add some LLM models to build dorks


I have built some dorks and I have used some public resources to gather the dorks , here's few : - -


  • I am not responsible for any damage caused by using the tool

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