LeakSearch - Search & Parse Password Leaks

LeakSearch is a simple tool to search and parse plain text passwords using ProxyNova COMB (Combination Of Many Breaches) over the Internet. You can define a custom proxy and you can also use your own password file, to search using different keywords: such as user, domain or password.

In addition, you can define how many results you want to display on the terminal and export them as JSON or TXT files. Due to the simplicity of the code, it is very easy to add new sources, so more providers will be added in the future.

  • Python 3
  • Install requirements


It is recommended to clone the complete repository or download the zip file. You can do this by running the following command:

git clone https://github.com/JoelGMSec/LeakSearch

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------------------- by @JoelGMSec -------------------

usage: LeakSearch.py [-h] [-d DATABASE] [-k KEYWORD] [-n NUMBER] [-o OUTPUT] [-p PROXY]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-d DATABASE, --database DATABASE
Database used for the search (ProxyNova or LocalDataBase)
-k KEYWORD, --keyword KEYWORD
Keyword (user/domain/pass) to search for leaks in the DB
-n NUMBER, --number NUMBER
Number of results to show (default is 20)
-o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
Save the results as json or txt into a file
-p PROXY, --proxy PROXY
Set HTTP/S proxy (like http://localhost:8080)

The detailed guide of use can be found at the following link:



This project is licensed under the GNU 3.0 license - see the LICENSE file for more details.

Credits and Acknowledgments

This tool has been created and designed from scratch by Joel Gámez Molina (@JoelGMSec).


This software does not offer any kind of guarantee. Its use is exclusive for educational environments and / or security audits with the corresponding consent of the client. I am not responsible for its misuse or for any possible damage caused by it.

For more information, you can find me on Twitter as @JoelGMSec and on my blog darkbyte.net.

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