Redeye - A Tool Intended To Help You Manage Your Data During A Pentest Operation

This project was built by pentesters for pentesters. Redeye is a tool intended to help you manage your data during a pentest operation in the most efficient and organized way.

The Developers

Daniel Arad - @dandan_arad && Elad Pticha - @elad_pt


The Server panel will display all added server and basic information about the server such as: owned user, open port and if has been pwned.

After entering the server, An edit panel will appear. We can add new users found on the server, Found vulnerabilities and add relevant attain and files.

Users panel contains all found users from all servers, The users are categorized by permission level and type. Those details can be chaned by hovering on the username.

Files panel will display all the files from the current pentest. A team member can upload and download those files.

Attack vector panel will display all found attack vectors with Severity/Plausibility/Risk graphs.

PreReport panel will contain all the screenshots from the current pentest.

Graph panel will contain all of the Users and Servers and the relationship between them.

APIs allow users to effortlessly retrieve data by making simple API requests.

curl redeye.local:8443/api/servers --silent -H "Token: redeye_61a8fc25-105e-4e70-9bc3-58ca75e228ca" | jq
curl redeye.local:8443/api/users --silent -H "Token: redeye_61a8fc25-105e-4e70-9bc3-58ca75e228ca" | jq
curl redeye.local:8443/api/exploits --silent -H "Token: redeye_61a8fc25-105e-4e70-9bc3-58ca75e228ca" | jq



Pull from GitHub container registry.

git clone
cd Redeye
docker-compose up -d

Start/Stop the container

sudo docker-compose start/stop

Save/Load Redeye

docker save neo4j:4.4.9 > Redeye.tar
docker load < Redeye.tar

GitHub container registry:


git clone
cd Redeye
sudo apt install python3.8-venv
python3 -m venv RedeyeVirtualEnv
source RedeyeVirtualEnv/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 RedDB/
python3 --safe


Redeye will listen on:
Default Credentials:

  • username: redeye
  • password: redeye

Neo4j will listen on:
Default Credentials:

  • username: neo4j
  • password: redeye


  • Yoav Danino for mental support and beta testing.


If you own any Code/File in Redeye that is not under MIT License please contact us at: [email protected]

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