Evil QR - Proof-of-concept To Demonstrate Dynamic QR Swap Phishing Attacks In Practice

Toolkit demonstrating another approach of a QRLJacking attack, allowing to perform remote account takeover, through sign-in QR code phishing.

It consists of a browser extension used by the attacker to extract the sign-in QR code and a server application, which retrieves the sign-in QR codes to display them on the hosted phishing pages.

Watch the demo video:

Read more about it on my blog: https://breakdev.org/evilqr-phishing


The parameters used by Evil QR are hardcoded into extension and server source code, so it is important to change them to use custom values, before you build and deploy the toolkit.

parameter description default value
API_TOKEN API token used to authenticate with REST API endpoints hosted on the server 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
QRCODE_ID QR code ID used to bind the extracted QR code with the one displayed on the phishing page 11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111
BIND_ADDRESS IP address with port the HTTP server will be listening on
API_URL External URL pointing to the server, where the phishing page will be hosted

Here are all the places in the source code, where the values should be modified:




You can load the extension in Chrome, through Load unpacked feature: https://developer.chrome.com/docs/extensions/mv3/getstarted/development-basics/#load-unpacked

Once the extension is installed, make sure to pin its icon in Chrome's extension toolbar, so that the icon is always visible.


Make sure you have Go installed version at least 1.20.

To build go to /server directory and run the command:




chmod 700 build.sh

Built server binaries will be placed in the ./build/ directory.


  1. Run the server by running the built server binary: ./server/build/evilqr-server
  2. Open any of the supported websites in your Chrome browser, with installed Evil QR extension:
  1. Make sure the sign-in QR code is visible and click the Evil QR extension icon in the toolbar. If the QR code is recognized, the icon should light up with colors.
  2. Open the server's phishing page URL: (default)


Evil QR is made by Kuba Gretzky (@mrgretzky) and it's released under MIT license.

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