PowerMeUp - A Small Library Of Powershell Scripts For Post Exploitation That You May Need Or Use!

This is a powershell reverse shell that executes the commands and or scripts that you add to the powerreverse.ps1 file as well as a small library of Post-Exploitation scripts. This also can be used for post exploitation and lateral movement even. Please use at your own risk I am not and will not be responsible for your actions. Also this reverse shell currently is not detected by Windows Defender. If you want to use this make sure to detup a Digital Ocean VPS and have the script connect back there or your C2. Happy Hacking!

Key Features

  • Reverse Shell
    • Simply Change The IP & Port & Let It Do Its Magic
  • Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)
    • Basically will call winit.exe and give a blue screen and shutdown the computer
  • Disable Windows Defender (Needs Admin Priv Of Course)
  • Get Computer Information
  • Disable Input (Needs Admin Priv)
  • Disable Monitor
  • Exclude File Extensions (Needs Admin Priv)
  • Exclude Folder (Needs Admin Priv)
  • Exclude Process (Needs Admin Priv)
  • Get USB History
  • GPS Location (Gets The Lat & Long Then Performs A Reverse GEO Lookup & Spits Out The Exact Address)
  • Grab Wifi Credentials
  • Ifconfig
  • List Antivirus Running
  • List External IP
  • Logoff
  • Mayham Window Popup
  • Send A Message Box
  • Network Scan (Internall Scan The Network For Open Ports & IPs)
  • Restart
  • Rickroll
  • Scare Window
  • Screenshot The Screen
  • Syatem Time
  • Webcam List

How To Use

To run this application, you'll need the powerreverse.ps1 file executed on target pc.

# Install This Repository
$ Download The Code By Pressing Download ZIP

# Clone this repository
$ git clone https://github.com/ItsCyberAli/PowerMeUp.git

# Take One Of The Functions Like This & Copy Paste Into PowerReverse
$ You Will See The Screenshot Below Has The PowerReverse file and inside I added the BSOD.ps1 function
that I copy pasted inside of the powerreverse.ps1 so that we can call & use it when we execute on target PC.
You can mix & match what features you want in the reverse shell just make sure there is no references right above the function call
it will say references and if it says 0 you are fine if it says 1 or more simply change the function name. When reverse shell
executes and you want to execute a specific feature simply call the function name and in our case inside the VPS sim ply type bsod
and it will execute it or whateber you named the function!

# Change The LHOST & LPORT Inside Of The PowerReverse File
$LPORT = #Your Port Without Quotations

# Start A Netcat Listener Or Your Own Implementation Of A Listener On VPS Or C2 & Enjoy!
$ nc -l -p <port you chose> (Just A Netcat Listener In Your VPS Not Needed If You Use Another Method!)


You can download the code from the top right, it will give you all the code needed in a ZIP file.

Reach Me Here

If you want to discuss any topics or need some help I am very active and can get back to you within 24 hours or less And Setup A Date & Time To Help With Whatever It Is You Need, I Am Also Open To Collab On Projects I Feel Are Worth My Time And Of My Interest As Well!!

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