DNSrecon-gui - DNSrecon Tool With GUI For Kali Linux

DNSRecon is a DNS scanning and enumeration tool written in Python, which allows you to perform different tasks, such as enumeration of standard records for a defined domain (A, NS, SOA, and MX). Top-level domain expansion for a defined domain.

With this graph-oriented user interface, the different records of a specific domain can be observed, classified and ordered in a simple way.


git clone https://github.com/micro-joan/dnsrecon-gui
cd dnsrecon-gui/
chmod +x run.sh

After executing the application launcher you need to have all the components installed, the launcher will check one by one, and in the case of not having any component installed it will show you the statement that you must enter to install it:


When the tool is ready to use the same installer will give you a URL that you must put in the browser in a private window so every time you do a search you will have to open a new window in private or clear your browser cache to refresh the graphics.


Service Functions Status
Text2MindMap Convert text to mindmap
dnsenum DNS information gathering

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