Nimc2 - A C2 Fully Written In Nim

nimc2 is a very lightweight C2 written fully in nim (implant & server). If you want to give it a try check out the wiki to learn how to install and use nimc2. It's features include:

  • Windows & Linux implant generation
  • TCP socket communication (with HTTP communication coming soon)
  • Ability to create as many listeners as you want
  • A nice task system
  • Easy to use CLI
  • Loot system
  • ...and a lot more features coming soon

Join the nimc2 discord server to discuss about this project.


Getting started


Operating System support

The server is fully supported on Linux but unknown on Windows. The client is fully supported on Windows, with lack of features on Linux.

Server Support

All server features are available on both Linux and Windows platforms. You might need to install additional dependencies on both platform for cross-platform compilation (check installation wiki page)

Command Support

Feature Windows Support Linux Support
shell command
cmd command
info command
msgbox command
processes command
tokeninfo command
download command
upload command
screenshot command

✅ yes, complete
⚠️ yes, but partially
❌ no, does not work at all

Support Me

You can support me by becoming a patreon at (You also get some exclusive things)

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