Gallia - Extendable Pentesting Framework

Gallia is an extendable pentesting framework with the focus on the automotive domain. The scope of gallia is conducting penetration tests from a single ECU up to whole cars, with the main focus on the UDS interface. Taking advantage of this modular design, the logging and archiving functionality was developed separately. Acting as a generic interface, the logging functionality implements reproducible tests and enables post-processing analyzer tasks. The rendered documentation is available via Github Pages.

Keep in mind that this project is intended for research and development usage only! Inappropriate usage might cause irreversible damage to the device under test. We do not take any responsibility for damage caused by the usage of this tool.


See the setup instructions.

$ gallia simple-dtc --target "isotp://can0?src_addr=0x123&dst_addr=0x312&tx_padding=0xaa&rx_padding=0xaa" read

For specifying the --target argument see the transports documentation.


This work was partly funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the SecForCARs project (grant no. 16KIS0790). A short presentation and demo video is available at this page.

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