Tetanus - Mythic C2 Agent Targeting Linux And Windows Hosts Written In Rust

Tetanus is a Windows and Linux C2 agent written in rust.


To install Tetanus, you will need Mythic set up on a machine.

In the Mythic root directory, use mythic-cli to install the agent.

payload start tetanus">
sudo ./mythic-cli install github https://github.com/MythicAgents/tetanus
sudo ./mythic-cli payload start tetanus

Tetanus supports the http C2 profile:

sudo ./mythic-cli install github https://github.com/MythicC2Profiles/http
sudo ./mythic-cli c2 start http


  • Background job management
  • Built-in ssh client
    • Connect to a machine and download/upload files between that machine and Mythic
    • Get directory listings from machines using sftp
    • Spawn agents on machines using ssh
    • ssh-agent hijacking
  • Streaming portscan
  • Stand up TCP redirectors

Future Additions

  • v0.2.0
    • Socks proxying
    • Windows token manipulation
    • More browser script integration
    • DNS C2 profile
    • p2p capabilities
    • In memory shellcode execution execute-shellcode

General Commands

Command Syntax Description
cat cat [file] Output the contents of a file.
cd cd [new directory] Change directory.
cp cp [source] [destination] Copy a file from [source] to [destination].
download download [path] Download a file from the target system (supports relative paths).
exit exit Exit the agent.
getenv getenv Get the current environment variables.
getprivs getprivs Get the privileges of the agent session.
jobkill jobkill [job id] Shutdown a running background job.
jobs jobs List currently running background jobs.
ls ls [directory] List files or directories (supports relative paths).
mkdir mkdir [directory] Make a new directory.
mv mv [source] [destination] Move a file from [source] to [destination] (supports relative paths).
portscan portscan [popup] Scan a list of IPs for open ports.
ps ps Get a list of currently running processes.
pwd pwd Print working directory.
redirect redirect [<bindhost>:<bindport>:<connecthost>:<connectport>] Setup a TCP redirector on the remote system.
rm rm [path] Remove a file or directory (supports relative paths).
setenv setenv [name] [value] Set environment variable [name] to [value].
shell shell [command] Run a shell command with bash -c on Linux or cmd.exe /c on Windows in a new thread.
sleep sleep [interval][units] [jitter] Set the sleep interval and jitter (supports unit suffixing).
ssh ssh [popup] Use ssh to execute commands, download/upload files or grab directory listings.
ssh-agent ssh-agent [-c <socket>] [-d] [-l] Connect to running ssh agent sockets on the host or list identities.
ssh-spawn ssh-spawn [popup] Spawn a Mythic agent on a remote host using ssh.
unsetenv unsetenv [var] Unset an environment variable.
upload upload [popup] Upload a file to the host machine.

Windows-specific Commands

Command Syntax Description
powershell powershell [command] Run a command using powershell.exe /c in a new thread.

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