Odin - Central IoC Scanner Based On Loki

Odin is a central IoC scanner based on Loki

General Info

This application Loki latest version and download it on all machines using a powershell script and run it then this app receives the respose from all machines and parse the feed in CSV form.


  1. Python +3.5
  2. PyQT5
  3. psutil
  4. pyparsing
  5. zipfile


Odin download and extract the latest version on Loki and start HTTP server to deliver the executable (Loki) to all machines.

Deploy Loki

This step has ti be done manually using powershell script on a DC machine or suing domain admin account which the script deliver loki to all machines and start updating. The script is in Configurations tab and you can modiy the scipt as needed.


Start the listener then from the powershell script start Loki to search for IoCs and results will be sent from Loki to Odin


Collected logs will be parsed and can be exported as CSV file to be handled with something else like ELK.

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