Gotanda - Browser Web Extension For OSINT

Gotanda is OSINT(Open Source Intelligence) Web Extension for Firefox/Chrome.

This Web Extension could search OSINT information from some IOC in web page.(IP,Domain,URL,SNS...etc)

This Repository partly the studying and JavaScript practice.

Download link below.


Right click highlighted IOC strings, It will show contextmenus.(Or right clicking any link. )

When You want to search using some engine, You choose one of list.

Search Engine List
Name URL Category
Domain Tools whois Lookup
Security Trails whois lookup
whoisds whois lookup
ThreatCrowd Domain, IPv4
AbuseIPDB IPv4
HackerTarget IPv4
Censys IP, Domain
Shodan IP, Domain
FOFA IP, Domain
VirusTotal IP, Domain, URL,Hash
GreyNoise IPv4
IPAlyzer IPv4
Tor Relay Search IP,Domain
Domain Watch Domain, Email,whois lookup SSL-certificate
SecurityHeaders URL, Domain
DNSlytics IPv4,IPv6,ASN
Ultratools IPv6
Wayback Machine URL
aguse URL
check-host URL
FortiGuard CVE
Sploitus CVE
Vulmon CVE
CXSecurity CVE
Vulncode-DB CVE
Malshare MD5 Hash
ThreatCrowd IP,Domain
Hybrid Analysis hash
Twitter SNS, w/TimeLine
Qiita SNS
GitHub SNS
Facebook SNS, w/TimeLine
Instagram SNS
LinkedIn SNS
Pinterest SNS
reddit SNS

About Twitter and FaceBook could search timeline with any words.


This extension is optimized for the Japanese environment.

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