Nimplant - A Cross-Platform Implant Written In Nim

Nimplant is a cross-platform (Linux & Windows) implant written in Nim as a fun project to learn about Nim and see what it can bring to the table for red team tool development. Currently, Nimplant lacks extensive evasive tradecraft; however, overtime Nimplant will become much more sophisticated.


To install Nimplant, you'll need Mythic installed on a remote computer. You can find installation instructions for Mythic at the Mythic project page.

From the Mythic install root, run the command:


Once installed, restart Mythic to build a new agent.

Highlighted Agent Features
  • Cross-platform
  • Fully asynchronous
  • Can generate agents compiled from both C and C++ source code

Commands Manual Quick Reference
Command Syntax Description
cat cat [file] Retrieve the output of a file.
cd cd [dir] Change working directory.
cp cp [source] [destination] Copy a file from source to destination. Modal popup.
curl curl [url] [method] [headers] [body] Execute a single web request.
download download [path] Download a file off the target system.
exit exit Exit a callback.
getenv getenv Get all of the current environment variables.
jobs jobs List all running jobs.
kill kill [pid] Attempt to kill the process specified by [pid].
ls ls [path] [recurse] List files and folders in [path] with optional param to list recursively. Defaults to current working directory.
mkdir mkdir [dir] Create a directory.
mv mv [source] [destination] Move a file from source to destination. Modal popup.
ps ps List process information.
pwd pwd Print working directory.
rm rm [path] Remove a file specified by [path]
shell shell [command] Run a shell command which will translate to a process being spawned with command line: cmd.exe /r[command]
unsetenv setenv [envname] [value] Sets an environment variable to your choosing.
sleep sleep [seconds] Set the callback interval of the agent in seconds.
unsetenv unsetenv [envname] Unset an environment variable.
upload upload Upload a file to a remote path on the machine. Modal popup.

Supported C2 Profiles

Currently, only one C2 profile is available to use when creating a new Nimplant agent: HTTP.

HTTP Profile

The HTTP profile calls back to the Mythic server over the basic, non-dynamic profile. When selecting options to be stamped into Nimplant at compile time, all options are respected with the exception of those parameters relating to GET requests.

More coming soon!

  • [] Ability to compile to Objective-C for macOS capabilities
  • [] Integration of Donut to allow user to generate shellcode as output
  • [] Communication via WebSockets
  • [] Screenshotting capabilities
  • [] Remote process injection capabilities

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