Redcloud - Automated Red Team Infrastructure Deployement Using Docker

Redcloud is a powerful and user-friendly toolbox for deploying a fully featured Red Team Infrastructure using Docker. Harness the cloud's speed for your tools. Deploys in minutes. Use and manage it with its polished web interface.

Ideal for your penetration tests, shooting ranges, red teaming and bug bounties!

Self-host your attack infrastructure painlessly, deploy your very own live, scalable and resilient offensive infrastructure in a matter of minutes.


The following demo showcases deployment of Redcloud through ssh, followed by Metasploit. We then look at Traefik and a live volume attached to Metasploit. Finally, we check that Metasploit's DB is functional with the web terminal, delete the container, and terminate Redcloud.

  • Deploy Redcloud locally or remotely using the built-in SSH functions, and even docker-machine.
  • Deploy Metasploit, Empire, GoPhish, vulnerable targets, a fully stacked Kali, and many more with a few clicks.
  • Monitor and manage your infrastructure with a beautiful web interface.
  • Deploy redirections, socks or Tor proxy for all your tools.
  • Painless network management and volume sharing.
  • User and password management.
  • Web terminal
  • Overall very comfy

Quick Start


# If deploying using ssh
> cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh root@your-deploy-target-ip 'cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys'

# If deploying using docker-machine, and using a machine named "default"
> eval (docker-machine env default)

# Check your Python version
# Use python3 if default python version is 2.x
> python --version


> git clone
> cd redcloud
> python

Redcloud uses PyYAML to print the list of available templates. It's installed by default on most systems.
If not, simply run:

# Use pip3 if default python version is 2.x
> pip install -r requirements.txt

Redcloud has 3 different deployment methods:

  1. Locally
  2. Remotely, using ssh. Requires having your public key in your target's authorized_keys file.
  3. Remotely, using docker-machine. Run the eval (docker-machine env deploy_target) line to preload your env with your docker-machine, and run Redcloud should automatically detect your docker-machine, and highlight menu items relevant to a docker-machine deployment.


Briefly, deploys a Portainer stack, preloaded with many tool templates for your offensive engagements, powered by Docker. Once deployed, control Redcloud with the web interface. Uses Traefik as reverse-proxy. Easy remote deploy to your target server using the system ssh or docker-machine.

  • Ever wanted to spin up a Kali in a cloud with just a few clicks?
  • Have clean silos between your tools, technics and stages?
  • Monitor the health of your scans and C2?
  • Skip those sysadmin tasks for setting up a phishing campaign and get pwning faster?
  • Curious how you would build the ideal attack infrastructure?

Use the web UI to monitor, manage, and interact with each container. Use the snappy web terminal just as you would with yours. Create volumes, networks and port forwards using Portainer's simple UI.

Deploy and handle all your favorite tools and technics with the power of data-center-grade internet

  • Deploying a container


  • Using Metasploit's msfconsole through the web interface


  • Traefik real-time data on reverse-proxy routes

  • Deploying using ssh

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