Dwn - D(Ockerp)Wn - A Docker Pwn Tool Manager

dwn is a "docker-compose for hackers". Using a simple YAML "plan" format similar to docker-compose, image names, versions and volume / port mappings are defined to setup a tool for use.


With dwn you can:

  • Configure common pentest tools for use in a docker container
  • Have context aware volume mounts
  • Dynamically modify port bindings without container restarts
  • And more!


Simply run pip3 install dwn.


dwn is actually really simple. The primary concept is that of "plans" where information about a tool (such as name, version, mounts and binds) are defined. There are a few built-in plans already available, but you can also roll your own. Without arguments, just running dwn would look like this.

❯ dwn
Usage: dwn [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

   ___/ /    _____
  / _  / |/|/ / _ \
    docker pwn tool manager
    by @leonjza / @sensepost

  --debug  enable debug logging
  --help   Show this message and exit.

  check    Check plans and Docker environment
  network  Work with networks
  plans    Work with plans
  run      Run a plan
  show     Show running plans
  stop     Stop a plan

To list the available plans, run dwn plans show.

❯ dwn plans show
                                    dwn plans
┃ name             ┃ path                                  ┃
│ sqlmap           │ /tools/dwn/plans/sqlmap.yml           │
│ wpscan           │ /tools/dwn/plans/wpscan.yml           │
│ gowitness-report │ /tools/dwn/plans/gowitness-report.yml │
│ msfconsole       │ /tools/dwn/plans/msfconsole.yml       │
│ gowitness        │ /tools/dwn/plans/gowitness.yml        │
│ nginx            │ /tools/dwn/plans/nginx.yml            │
│ cme              │ /tools/dwn/plans/cme.yml              │
│ netcat-reverse   │ /tools/dwn/plans/netcat-reverse.yml   │
│ semgrep-sec      │ /tools/dwn/plans/semgrep-sec.yml      │
│ semgrep-ci       │ ~/.dwn/plans/semgrep-ci.yml           │
│ neo4j            │ ~/.dwn/plans/neo4j.yml                │
                                     11 plans

To run a plan such as gowitness screenshotting https://google.com, run dwn run gowitness --disable-db single https://www.google.com. This plan will exit when done, so you don’t have to dwn stop gowitness.

❯ dwn run gowitness --disable-db single https://www.google.com
(i) found plan for gowitness
(i) volume: ~/scratch -> /data
(i) streaming container logs
08 Feb 2021 10:46:18 INF preflight result statuscode=200 title=Google url=https://www.google.com
❯ ls screenshots

A plan such as netcat-reverse however will stay alive. You can connect to the plans TTY after it is started to interact with any shells you may receive. Example usage would be:

❯ dwn run netcat-reverse
(i) found plan for netcat-reverse
(i) port: 4444<-4444
(i) container booted! attach & detach commands are:
(i) attach: docker attach dwn_wghz_netcat-reverse
(i) detach: ctrl + p, ctrl + q

Attaching to the plan (and executing nc -e somewhere else)

❯ docker attach dwn_wghz_netcat-reverse
connect to [::ffff:]:4444 from dwn_wghz_netcat-reverse_net_4444_4444.dwn:46318 ([::ffff:]:46318)

env | grep -i shell

read escape sequence

You can get a running plan report too

❯ dwn show
                                running plan report
┃ plan           ┃ container(s)                          ┃ port(s)    ┃ volume(s) ┃
│ netcat-reverse │ dwn_wghz_netcat-reverse_net_4444_4444 │ 4444<-4444 │           │
│                │ dwn_wghz_netcat-reverse               │            │           │

And finally, stop a plan.

❯ dwn stop netcat-reverse -y
(i) stopping 2 containers for plan netcat-reverse


dwn lets you dynamically map ports to plans without any container restarts. Networking commands live under the dwn network subcommand. Taking the nginx plan as an example, we can add a port mapping dynamically. First, start the nginx plan.

❯ dwn run nginx
(i) found plan for nginx
(i) volume: ~/scratch -> /usr/share/nginx/html
(i) port: 80<-8888
(i) container dwn_wghz_nginx started for plan nginx, detaching

Next, test the communication with cURL

❯ curl localhost:8888/poo.txt
haha, you touched it!

❯ curl localhost:9000/poo.txt
curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 9000: Connection refused

Port 9000 is not open, so let's add a new port binding and test connectivity

❯ dwn network add nginx -i 80 -o 9000
(i) port binding for 9000->nginx:80 created
❯ curl localhost:9000/poo.txt
haha, you touched it!

updating plans

The dwn plans pull command can be used to update the images defined in plans. To only update a single plan, add the plan name after pull. Eg: dwn plans pull nginx.

writing plans

A dwn plans new command exists to quickly scaffold a new plan. While only a few options are needed to get a plan up and running, all of the options that exist in the Python Docker SDK for the run call are valid tags that can be used.

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