Top 20 Most Popular Hacking Tools in 2020

Although 2020 has been the worst year since 1945, as last year, this year we made a ranking with the most popular tools between January and December 2020.

Topics of the tools focus on PhishingInformation Gathering, Android Hacking Tools, Automation Tools,, among others.

Without going into further details, we have prepared a useful list of the most popular tools in Kitploit 2020:

  1. Zphisher - Automated Phishing Tool

  2. Onex - A Library Of Hacking Tools For Termux And Other Linux Distributions

  3. Nexphisher - Advanced Phishing Tool For Linux & Termux

  4. Hijacker - All-in-One Wi-Fi Cracking Tools for Android


  6. ANDRAX - Penetration Testing on Android

  8. EagleEye - Stalk Your Friends. Find Their Instagram, FB And Twitter Profiles Using Image Recognition And Reverse Image Search

  9. HackingTool - ALL IN ONE Hacking Tool For Hackers

  10. GoGhost - High Performance, Lightweight, Portable Open Source Tool For Mass SMBGhost Scan

  11. Web Hacker's Weapons - A Collection Of Cool Tools Used By Web Hackers

  12. TEA - Ssh-Client Worm

  13. RedRabbit - Red Team PowerShell Script

  14. Hacktronian - All In One Hacking Tool For Linux & Android

  15. SocialBox - A Bruteforce Attack Framework (Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter)

  16. BitCracker - BitLocker Password Cracking Tool (Windows Encryption Tool)

  17. SQLMap - Automatic SQL Injection And Database Takeover Tool


  19. WiFi Bruteforcer - Android application to brute force WiFi passwords (No Root Required)

  20. TeleGram-Scraper - Telegram Group Scraper Tool (Fetch All Information About Group Members)

  21. CQTools - The New Ultimate Windows Hacking Toolkit

  22. Hack-Tools - The All-In-One Red Team Extension For Web Pentester

  23. uDork - Google Hacking Tool

Happy New Year wishes the KitPloit team!

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