Offering Users More For Their Activity - Similar Items Upon Checkout

The shopping isn't finished once you've purchased your item. If you've ever done shopping online, then you know all about being presented with related items to the one you just purchased. This feature is common for online retail websites and quite useful for both the consumer and the producers. If the user sees products similar to the one they're buying, they could be persuaded into adding it to their cart.

The better the related product extension, the more effective it will be at getting users to add more to their cart. With Magento 2, related products come easy and only the most relevant are presented to users upon check out. The extension they offer will allow you to optimize your website and create the best related product section users will find.

How Does the Related Product Extension Work? 

This extension takes in a ton of information based on a customers' shopping habits. It learns about what the customer is interested in and what products are likely to appeal to the customer based on impressions, clicks, and previous orders. It takes all information it can gather into consideration and compiles the best possible results for the related products page.

The extension also considers what other users who have purchased similar items are looking at. If many users who have purchased the same product are also purchasing another item, the algorithm will place that product on the related options page upon check out. This is the best way for retail websites to double the cart size of every customer.

A Benefit For Consumers and Producers Alike

Everyone wins with the related products' extension. For you, the better the related products section, the more likely a user is to add the suggestions to their cart upon check out. The more often you're able to double the cart size of users, the more money you stand to make. If users like what they're being offered, then they're likely to come back for more later on.

For consumers, having products that pertain to your interests and are similar or go well with whatever is currently in your cart will make shopping easier. The products that matter most to you will come to you, rather than you having to go to them. The better the related product algorithm, the more appealing the options are to you.

Using the Smart Algorithm

The smart algorithm featured in this Magento 2 extension is the best way to capture the attention of your customers. Online shopping has been set up to be fast-paced and go getting. If the customer's eye isn't caught instantly, then chances are they won't go for a second glance. The smart algorithm makes the most out of every second the consumer is on your website.

It takes in every bit of information it can gather and uses it to present the most likely to be added options for the customer. With the smart algorithm, your user will only find the best products in their related section.

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