DamnVulnerableCryptoApp - An App With Really Insecure Crypto


If you try to learn a little bit more about crypto, either because you want to know how the attacks work or just because you want to do safe code, you end up diving really fast into the math behind the algorithms, and for a lot of people this is a NO.

This project was created with some key points in mind:

  • Real world examples of the crypto attack vectors
  • No need to write code to exploit a vulnerability that you are still trying to understand
  • No challenge without a solution
  • Dead simple documentation. No complex math, no complex formulas. Good old english
  • A common place to test different attack vectors
  • Make easy for everyone to understand crypto, attacks and preventions.
  • Go straight to the point, the challenges are no brain teasers, just a scenario with a crypto vuln.


(Make sure you have node installed)

npm run build-with-deps

Or if you already have the dependencies installed you can just run:

npm run build

If you cloned the repo and are having issues in the test phase, it may be due to the line endings. Force linux like line endings in git with:

Change git config to use LF intead of CRLF

git config --global core.eol lf
git config --global core.autocrlf input

npm run start

You can change the port with an environment variable:

PORT=4000 npm run start


From DockerHub

You can download the latest docker image with:

docker pull damnvulnerablecryptoapp1/damnvulnerablecryptoapp


If you prefer to build the docker image yourself run:

npm build:docker


By default port 8081 is being exported, So you can map it to your own port:

docker run -p 8081:8081 <IMAGE_ID>


If you want to to develop new features, or just run without building the app you can start by installing dependencies with:

npm run install-deps

Then you need to run independently the frontend and the backend apps.

cd backend 
yarn start

If you want to change the default port (1234), you can use an environment variable:

PORT=5000 yarn start

cd frontend
yarn start

if you want to change the frontend port (default is 4000) you can set an environment variable:

PORT=3000 yarn start

If you changed the server port you need to specify it when booting the frontend, again, as an environment variable:

REACT_APP_SERVER_PORT=5000 yarn start


You can find project's documentation on github wiki

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DamnVulnerableCryptoApp is MIT licensed


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