Hardcodes - Find Hardcoded Strings From Source Code

hardcodes is a utility for searching strings hardcoded by developers in programs. It uses a modular tokenizer that can handle comments, any number of backslashes & nearly any syntax you throw at it.
Yes, it is designed to process any syntax and following languages are officially supported:
ada, applescript, c, c#, c++, coldfusion, golang, haskell, html, java, javascript,
jsp, lua, pascal, perl, php, powershell, python, ruby, scala, sql, swift, xml


with pip
pip3 install hardcodes

or build from source
git clone https://github.com/s0md3v/hardcodes && cd hardcodes && python3 setup.py install

For Developers
The sample program below demonstrates usage of hardcodes library
from hardcodes import search

string = "console.log('hello there')"
result = search(string, lang="common", comments="parse")
Output: ['hello there']
The arguments lang and comments are optional. Their use is explained below in the user documentation section.

For Users
cli.py provides a grep-like command line interface to hardcodes library. You will need to install the library first to use it.

Find strings in a file
python cli.py /path/to/file.ext

Find strings in a directory, recursively
python cli.py -r /path/to/dir

Hide paths from output
python cli.py -o /path/to/file.ext

Specify programming language
Specifying a language is optional and should be used only when the programming language of source is already known.
python cli.py -l 'golang' /path/to/file.go

Specify comment behaviour
With -c option, you can specify
  • ignore ignore the comments completely
  • parse parse the comments like code
  • string add comments to list of hardcoded strings
python cli.py -o /path/to/file.ext

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