ShellGen - Reverse shell generator

This is a simple script that will generate a specific or all shellcodes for CTFs using the VPN IP address on tun0 (the IPv4).

Update has been made from sys library to argparse library (done in version 0.8)

For help:
  • shellgen -h
  • shellgen --help
If you want to skip update and just get the reverse shell, add --no-update to your commands and it will skip it.
To update:
  • ./ -u
  • ./ --update
List shells available:
  • shellgen --shells
  • shellgen -ls
An example for using:
  • shellgen --lhost --lport 1234 --shell netcat
To request an improvement or new feature:
  • Create an issue and mark as enhancement
For issues:
  • Create an issue and mark as bug

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