How AI and Voice Technology is Similar to a Service Dog

Can a more complex comparison be made? AI and voice assistance are similar to a seeing-eye dog. Throwing the duties of a service dog into the same court as technology is outlandish as things get, even in the middle of an ever-shifting pandemic. But with retail software development services working toward a new shopping experience, those individuals who have impaired seeing capabilities could find some respite.

A Service Dog Helps Navigate Daily Life

Voice technology in retail software can help those who cannot see navigate a store or mall more easily. Interactive applications are available for download. All of these tools aid in the navigation of daily life, much like a service dog would. Although the service dog may not be able to tell you what price is on a tag or what color the shirt is, I’m sure the combination of retail software development services and a service dog is one unstoppable duo. 

Shopping Through Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices make life less stressful and seem easier to manage. Well, for people with vision implications, the smart home device can be an easy way to shop. Internet retailers have adapted AI voice technology to be able to interact with users to add items to carts and easily purchase. Now, of course, our service dog can’t do that! 

Interactive Retail Software Offer Voice Services

What a service dog can do, and the smart home cannot make sure people are crossing the street safely or help them catch the train to the store. But once they’re in the store, new retail software development services can employ interactive mobile applications designed specifically for a mall or shopping establishment.
Voice assistance can help turn-by-turn through the store, right to the item the user is seeking. Though a user with vision difficulties may not be able to read a map, the AI voice assistance can make sure they arrive safely to the next store or restrooms, with the dog’s help too!

Shop Retailers From Website or Parking Lot

Large corporations are the few retailers offering such services, but it’s predicted that more and more companies will start to offer voice-assisted shopping directly from their websites or by a phone call in response to the new shopping style emerging post-pandemic.

A New Retail Experience

Shoppers are hesitant to head into stores after the pandemic took our world and made it it’s own. Retail software development services are adapting rapidly to the new change. Increasingly, AI voice software will help shoppers find in-store products just by calling from the parking lot.
Now, users who use a service dog can “browse” stores without even having to go in! Their dog is there, to help hail a ride or get on the bus, but now voice technology can assist shoppers who cannot see find the exact product in mind.
A service dog and a robot walked into a bar, what do you get? A really cool shopping experience! Retail software and dogs offer tremendous help to those people who are blind, and the future has only been accelerated by the world’s current affairs. Technology that helps more than hurts is always refreshing to see but until we see AI that can translate a dog’s thoughts (so they can shop for us!), we’ll never be satisfied.

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