Enumy - Linux Post Exploitation Privilege Escalation Enumeration

Enumy is portable executable that you drop on target Linux machine during a pentest or CTF in the post exploitation phase. Running enumy will enumerate the box for common security vulnerabilities. Enumy has a Htop like Ncurses interface or a standard interface for dumb reverse shells.

You can download the final binary from the release x86 or x64 tab. Statically linked to musl Transfer the final enumy binary to the target machine

Who Should Use Enumy?
  • Pentester can run on a target machine raisable issues for their reports.
  • CTF players can use it identify things that they might have missed.
  • People who are curious to know how many isues enumy finds on their local machine?

$ ./enumy64 -h

 ▄█▀─▄▄▄▄▄▄▄─▀█▄  _____
 ▀█████████████▀ |   __|___ _ _ _____ _ _
     █▄███▄█     |   __|   | | |     | | |
      █████      |_____|_|_|___|_|_|_|_  |
      █▀█▀█                          |___|


Enumy - Used to enumerate the target environment and look for common
security vulnerabilities and hostspots

 -o <loc>     Save results to location
 -i <loc>     Ignore files in this directory (usefull for network shares)
 -w <loc>     Only walk files in thi   s directory (usefull for devlopment)
 -t <num>     Threads (default 4)
 -f           Run full scans
 -d           Display debugging information
 -n           Enabled ncurses
 -h           Show help

To compile during devlopment, make libcap and the ncurses libary is all that is required.
To remove the glibc dependency and statically link all libaries/compile with musl do the following. Note to do this you will have to have docker installed to create the apline build environment.
./build.sh 64bit  ./build.sh 32bit  ./build.sh all  cd output  

Scans That've Been Implemented
Below is the ever growing list of scans that have been implemented.

Quck Scan
  • SUID/GUID scans
  • File capabilities
  • Interesting files scan
  • Coredump scan
  • Breakout binary scan

Full Scan
  • Quick Scan
  • Binary analysis

Scan Times
Changing the default number of threads is pretty pointless unless you're running a full scan. A full scan will do a lot more IO so more threads greatly decrease scan times. These are the scan times with a i7-8700k and 2 million files scanned.

Quick Scan Times
  • 2 Thread -> system 70% cpu 54.093 total
  • 2 Thread -> system 121% cpu 26.122 total
  • 4 Thread -> system 289% cpu 15.657 total
  • 8 Threads -> system 468% cpu 15.863 total
  • 12 Thread -> system 420% cpu 20.548 total

Full Scan Times
  • 1 Thread -> system 50% cpu 3:16.38 total
  • 2 Thread -> system 86% cpu 1:33.95 total
  • 4 Thread -> system 165% cpu 47.753 total
  • 8 Threads -> system 366% cpu 29.768 total
  • 12 Thread -> system 467% cpu 29.815 total

How To Contribute
  • If you can think of a scan idea that has not been implemented, raise it as an issue.
  • Make a pull request, make sure that.
    • Each scan is given a unique ID
    • Multiple related scans are in the same file.
    • No more than one scan/test per function.

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