Heapinspect - Inspect Heap In Python

HeapInspect is designed to make heap much more prettier.
Now this tool is a plugin of nadbg. Try it!

  • Free of gdb and other requirement
  • Multi glibc support
    • 2.19, 2.23-2.27 (currently tested)
    • both 32bit and 64bit
  • Nice UI to show heap
    • HeapShower (detailed)
    • PrettyPrinter (colorful, summary)
  • Heapdiff (working)
  • Corruption detect & exploit analysis (working)
  • Also support gdb (python2 only) :)


Quick shot
A quick use of this tool.

You can also use it as a gdb plugin, very useful when pwndbg or other plugins failed to analysis heap.
sed -i "1i source `pwd`/gdbscript.py" ~/.gdbinit # alternatively, you can add that line manually
HeapInspect does not support gdb python3 for now. Anyone who can make it python3 compatible are welcome.

Pretty easy to use. I will make it a package later.
from heapinspect.core import *
hi = HeapInspect(1234)       #pid here
hs = HeapShower(hi)


hs.relative = 1              #relative mode, check Quick shot

#now assume that the heap state has changed
hs.update()                  #use this to refresh

pp = PrettyPrinter(hi)
print(pp.all)                #pretty printer
pp.update()                  #use this to update

There are some testcases.
heapinspect/tests/ $ python test.py  #this will run all test cases for you to check this tool.    ......  ......    test case unsortedbins64 at test/testcases/libc-2.27/64bit  pid:6704  =========================           fastbins           =========================  =========================         unsortedbins         =========================  chunk(0x7f9aae2e6720): prev_size=0x0      size=0xb1     fd=0x7f9aacdfbca0  bk=0x7f9aae2e6880  chunk(0x7f9aae2e6880): prev_size=0x0      size=0xb1     fd=0x7f9aae2e6720  bk=0x7f9aacdfbca0  =========================          smallbins           =========================  =========================          largebins           =========================  =========================            tcache            =========================  tcache[9]:  chunk(0x7f9aae2e6670): prev_size=0x0      size=0xb1     fd=0x7f9aae2e65d0  bk=0x0  chunk(0x7f9aae2e65c0): prev_size=0x0      size=0xb1     fd=0x7f9aae2e6520  bk=0x0  chunk(0x7f9aae2e6510): prev_size=0x0      size=0xb1     fd=0x7f9aae2e6470  bk=0x0  chunk(0x7f9aae2e6460): prev_size=0x0      size=0xb1     fd=0x7f9aae2e63c0  bk=0x0  chunk(0x7f9aae2e63b0): prev_size=0x0      size=0xb1     fd=0x7f9aae2e6310  bk=0x0  chunk(0x7f9aae2e6300): prev_size=0x0      size=0xb1     fd=0x7f9aae2e6260  bk=0x0  chunk(0x7f9aae2e6250): prev_size=0x0      size=0xb1     fd=0x0             bk=0x0  

Detailed docstrings have been written into the source code.
I have built a sphinx doc in docs. Just open docs/build/html/index.html with your browser.


2018/12/10 Version 0.1.3
  • add support for gdb

2018/11/6 version 0.1.2
docs update.
  • update sphinx docs
  • reshape file structure

2018/11/5 version 0.1.1
not a functional update.
  • PEP8
  • docstrings
  • performance update

2018/10/31 version 0.1.0
first release
  • better cmdline option

2018/10/30 version 0.0.8
next version will be a release.
  • CRLF to LF
  • code refine
  • readme refine
  • pretty printer

2018/10/29 version 0.0.7
  • auto test
  • code refine

2018/10/27 version 0.0.6
this is not a stable version. im trying to fix bugs due to different glibc. i need help to test this.
  • add multi libc support
  • add x86 support

2018/10/26 version 0.0.5
next version will add multi libc support. heapdiff and heap check will be added later.
  • HeapShower
  • relative heap & libc offset showing
  • fix search loop bug
  • bins now search from bk instead of fd, as the manner of glibc

2018/10/24 version 0.0.4
  • HeapRecoder , I will make a heapdiff
  • smallbins and largebins

2018/10/23 version 0.0.3
  • fastbin prototype
  • unsortedbin prototype
  • bins prototype
  • tcache prototype

2018/10/22 version 0.0.2
  • add C_Struct to handle c structure

2018/10/19 version 0.0.1
  • add class HeapInspector
  • trying to parse more information of arena

2018/10/18 version 0.0.0
  • add class Proc in proc_util
  • experimental test in test.py

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