SecurityNotFound - 404 Page Not Found Webshell

Clone me!
Clone or download the project:
git clone SecurityNotFound
cd SecurityNotFound

The src/404.php file should be located on the target server.
That server must have the ability to execute .php files.
Here is an example of some of the most common routes on which servers are located:
# Windows (Xampp)

# Linux
Obviously, you and I know that you have legitimate access to that server.

Access Granted!

Now, you can access it through the browser:

You can replace the server 404 error template to access from any invalid URL.
To access the control panel, press TAB key or search the password field using your browser's tools.

The default password is: cosasdepuma.
You can leave the $passphrase variable in the script as an empty string to directly access the control panel. If it is your intention, you have lost my respect.
To set a custom value, insert your password into the $passphrase variable after applying the MD5 algorithm three consecutive times.

Control Panel

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