mongoBuster - Hunt Open MongoDB Instances

Hunt Open MongoDB instances!

  • Worlds fastest and most efficient scanner ( Uses Masscan ).
  • Scans entire internet by default, So fire the tool and chill.
  • Hyper efficient - Uses Go-routines which are even lighter than threads.

Pre-Requisites -
  • Go language ( sudo apt install golang )
  • Masscan ( sudo apt install masscan )
  • Tested on Ubuntu & Kali linux

How to install and run -
git clone
cd mongoBuster
go build mongobuster.go utils.go
sudo ./mongobuster
Note: Run it with sudo as Masscan requires sudo access.

Flags -
Flag Description
--max-rate= (int) Defines maximum rate at which packets are generated and sent. Default is 100.
--out-file= (string) Name of file to which vulnerable IPs will be exported.
-v Display error msgs from non-vulnerable servers

Using ridiculous values for max-rate flag like 10000+ will most likely bring down your own network infrastructure.
Recommended value is to start with --max-rate 500 for consumer Gigabit routers.

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