Free Cynet Threat Assessment for Mid-sized and Large Organizations

If you cannot see what’s happening in your network, your ability to make smart security decisions will suffer. Many vendors offer threat assessment options, but they usually require an investment of time and resources. One vendor out there – Cynet – is offering a no-cost threat assessment to qualifying organizations for a limited time only. Based on more than 72-hours of data collection, the assessment gives organizations the ability to benchmark their security posture against their industry peers and provides actionable insights.

How do you qualify? If your organization has at least 300 endpoints, you can take advantage of this free offer, to find out what your exposed attack surfaces are and understand what you can do to respond to attacks currently active in your environment. The assessment includes:

  • Live attack indicators such as malware, C&C connections, data exfiltration, phishing link access, user credential thefts attempts, etc.

  • Attack surfaces on host and application surfaces: unpatched vulnerabilities risk ranked  
  • Benchmark of your security posture in comparison to your industry peers:
  • Risk score based on total findings.
  • User identity attack surface: risk ranking of user accounts.

Security decision makers can take advantage of this offer to achieve (with no-obligation) full visibility into their actual security posture, highlighting what their needs are and providing a clear picture of risk ranking into threats and vulnerabilities. Given that most threat assessments for mid-sized organizations begin at $25-thousand, and considering what the Cynet assessment provides, this is a very attractive offer for the security-conscious organization.   

Cynet has heavily focused efforts into research in the threat landscape, especially among its install base, and over the last few months has seen a clear increase in live attacks during new deployments.  
Said Cynet CEO and co-founder Eyal Gruner, “We frequently discover live malicious activity in the networks of organizations when we do initial deployment of the Cynet platform. One of our first tasks upon deploying  is to identify and remediate these risks.”

It is important to note that organizations are almost always unaware of the malicious activity, and additionally, most do not understand the capacity of the attacker’s ability to maneuver in stealth mode. This leaves a large gap between what many organizations think is going on in their networks and the actual threat reality, providing them with a false sense of security. With this in mind, the Cynet solution provides a proactive approach to threat assessment and response. 
Said Gruner, “We decided to offer this threat assessment to organizations, whether they are Cynet customers or not. We believe that instead of waiting for product deployments, organizations will get more benefit by addressing the issues we typically encounter, up-front and before deploying full-scale.”  

Educating organizations in cyber security best practices is part of Cynet’s mission. Said Gruner, “We want people to realize that the risks are there, even when you don’t see them. Security has to be more than just buying a product to say you have it. You need visibility, and results with clear, actionable deductions. At Cynet, we want to help organizations achieve this.”

Try Cynet’s Free Threat Assessment here.

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