Arjun v1.3 - HTTP Parameter Discovery Suite

  • Multi-threading
  • 4 modes of detection
  • A typical scan takes 30 seconds
  • Regex powered heuristic scanning
  • Huge list of 25,980 parameter names
  • Makes just 30-35 requests to the target

Note: Arjun doesn't work with python < 3.4

Discover parameters
To find GET parameters, you can simply do:
python3 -u --get
Similarly, use --post to find POST parameters.

Arjun uses 2 threads by default but you can tune its performance according to your network connection.
python3 -u --get -t 22

Delay between requests
You can delay the request by using the -d option as follows:
python3 -u --get -d 2

Including presistent data
Let's say you have an API key that you need to send with every request, to tell Arjun to do that you can use the --include option as follows:
python3 -u --get --include 'api_key=xxxxx'
python3 -u --get --include '{"api_key":"xxxxx"}'
To include multiple parameters, use & to seperate them or pass them as a valid json object.

JSON Output
You can save the result in a JSON format by using the -o as follows:
python3 -u --get -o result.json

Adding HTTP Headers
Using the --headers switch will open an interactive prompt where you can paste your headers. Press Ctrl + S to save and Ctrl + X to procced.

Note: Arjun uses nano as the default editor for the prompt but you can change it by tweaking /core/

The parameter names are taken from @SecLists.

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