Syhunt ScanTools 6.5 - Console Web Vulnerability Scan Tools

Syhunt ScanTools comes with four console applications: ScanURL, ScanCode, ScanLog and ScanConf, incorporating the functionality of the scanners Syhunt Dynamic, Syhunt Code, Syhunt Insight and Syhunt Harden respectively. Whether you want to scan a live web application, source code files, a GIT repository, web server logs or configuration files for vulnerabilities, weaknesses and more, ScanTools can help you start the task with a single line command. Syhunt ScanTools is available for download as a freeware portable package.



  • Added support for GIT URLs and branchs (Note: GIT for Windows must be downloaded separately from installed on the same machine for this feature to work).
  • Added Complete Scan (complete) and Paranoid (comppnoid) hunt methods. Experimental checks moved to Paranoid hunt method.
  • Improved compatibility with SVN repositories.


  • Added WII framework related optimizations.
  • Improved XML exports.
  • Reviewed hunt methods Malware Content and Structure Brute Force and enabled additional checks.
  • Improved false positive prevention involving extension checking and structure brute force checks.
  • Improved loop prevention in spider (additional cases).
  • Do not cache lengthy responses during spidering.
  • Fixed: reclassified dynamic XSS risk based on CVSS3 score.


  • Added -nv parameter to all CLI scan tools, which turns off verbose - error messages and basic information still gets printed.
  • Fixed: optional -rout parameter not being fully respected in ScanURL and ScanCode.

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