Infection Monkey v1.6 - An Automated Pentest Tool

The Infection Monkey is an open source security tool for testing a data center's resiliency to perimeter breaches and internal server infection. The Monkey uses various methods to self-propagate across a data center and reports success to a centralized Monkey Island server.

The Infection Monkey is comprised of two parts:
  • Monkey - A tool which infects other machines and propagates to them
  • Monkey Island - A dedicated server to control and visualize the Infection Monkey's progress inside the data center
To read more about the Monkey, visit

Main Features
The Infection Monkey uses the following techniques and exploits to propagate to other machines.
  • Multiple propagation techniques:
    • Predefined passwords
    • Common logical exploits
    • Password stealing using Mimikatz
  • Multiple exploit methods:
    • SSH
    • SMB
    • RDP
    • WMI
    • Shellshock
    • Conficker
    • SambaCry
    • Elastic Search (CVE-2015-1427)

Check out the Setup page in the Wiki or a quick getting started guide.

Building the Monkey from source
If you want to build the monkey from source, see Setup and follow the instructions at the readme files under infection_monkey and monkey_island.

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