Neto - A Tool To Analyse Browser Extensions

Project Neto is a Python 3 package conceived to analyse and unravel hidden features of browser plugins and extensions for well-known browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. It automates the process of unzipping the packaged files to extract these features from relevant resources in a extension like manifest.json, localization folders or Javascript and HTML source files.

To install the package, the user can choose pip3.
pip3 install -e . --user
Optionally, it can also be installed with administrator privileges using sudo:
sudo pip3 install -e .
A successfull installation can be checked using:
python3 -c "import neto; print(neto.__version__)"

Quick Start
To perform the analysis of an extension, the analyst can type the following:
neto analysis -u
The extension will be automatically downloaded and unzipped by default in the system's temporal folder.
However, the analyst can also launch de analysis towards a locally stored extension:
neto analysis -e ./my-extension-name.xpi
After the static analysis is performed, it will generate a Json file that is stored by default in a newly created folder named output.
If you use Python, you can also import the package as a library in your own Python modules:
>>> from neto.lib.extensions import Extension
>>> my_extension = Extension ("./sample.xpi")
>>> my_extension.filename
>>> my_extension.digest
Apart from accesing to the elements found in the extension using properties, the analyst can always have access to it as a dictionary:
>>> my_extension.__dict__
{'_analyser_version': '0.0.1', '_digest': '849ec142a8203da194a73e773bda287fe0e830e4ea59b501002ee05121b85a2b'…
If you are not using Python, you can use the JSON RPC daemon:
$ neto daemon

         ____            _           _      _   _      _
        |  _ \ _ __ ___ (_) ___  ___| |_   | \ | | ___| |_ ___
        | |_) | '__/ _ \| |/ _ \/ __| __|  |  \| |/ _ \ __/ _ \ 
        |  __/| | | (_) | |  __/ (__| |_   | |\  |  __/ || (_) |
        |_|   |_|  \___// |\___|\___|\__|  |_| \_|\___|\__\___/

                                    Developed by @ElevenPaths
                                    Version: 0.5.0b

 * Running on http://localhost:14041/ (Press CTRL+C to quit)
You can then run commands using your preferred JSON RPC library to write a client (we have written a short demo in the bin folder) or even curl:
 curl --data-binary '{"id":0, "method":"remote", "params":[""], "jsonrpc": "2.0"}'  -H 'content-type:text/json;' http://localhost:14041

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the features included in this package are the following:
  • Manifest analysis.
  • Internal file hashing.
  • Entities extraction using regular expressions: IPv4, email, cryptocurrency addresses, URL, etc.
  • Comments extraction from HTML, CSS and JS files.
  • Cryptojacking detection engine based on known mining domains and expressions.
  • Suspicious Javascript code detection such as eval().
  • Certificate analysis if provided.
  • Batch analysis of previously downloaded extensions.

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