Dnsmorph - Domain Name Permutation Engine Written In Go

DNSMORPH is a domain name permutation engine, inspired by dnstwist. It is written in Go making for a compact and very fast tool. It robustly handles any domain or subdomain supplied and provides a number of configuration options to tune permutation runs.

DNSMORPH includes the following domain permutation attack types:
  • Homograph attack (both on single and duplicate characters)
  • Bitsquat attack
  • Hyphenation attack
  • Omission attack
  • Repetition attack
  • Replacement attack
  • Subdomain attack
  • Transposition attack
  • Vowel swap attack
  • Addition attack

There are two ways to install dnsmorph on your system:
  1. Downloading the pre-compiled binaries for your platform from the latest release page and extracting in a directory of your choosing.
  2. Downloading and compiling the source code yourself by running the following commands:
    • go get -v github.com/netevert/dnsmorph
    • cd /$GOPATH/src/github.com/netevert/dnsmorph
    • go get -v ./...
    • go build


Usage menu output
dnsmorph -d domain | -l domains_file [-girv] [-csv | -json]
        output to csv
  -d string
        target domain
  -g    geolocate domain
  -i    include subdomain
        output to json
  -l string
        domain list filepath
  -r    resolve domain
  -v    enable verbosity

Run attacks against a target domain
./dnsmorph -d amazon.com

Run attacks against a list of domains
./dnsmorph -l domains.txt

Include subdomain in attack
./dnsmorph -d staging.amazon.com -i

Run dns resolutions against permutated domains
./dnsmorph -d amazon.com -r

Run geolocation against permutated domains
./dnsmorph -d amazon.com -g

Output results to csv or json
./dnsmorph -d amazon.com -r -g -csv
./dnsmorph -d amazon.com -r -g -json

Activate verbose output
./dnsmorph -d staging.amazon.com -v

DNSMORPH is under active development, much needs to be done to match and surpass the quality of comparable tools. Consult the issues page to see what's in the pipeline and how the project is progressing.

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