WSC2 - A WebSocket C2 Tool

WSC2 is a PoC of using the WebSockets and a browser process to serve as a C2 communication channel between an agent, running on the target system, and a controller acting as the actuel C2 server.

Background information
Check this blog post to get some context and insight on the developpment of this tool:
Using WebSockets and IE/Edge for C2 communications

WSC2 is composed of:
  • a controller, written in Python, which acts as the C2 server
  • an agent running on the target system, delivered to the target system via various initial stagers
  • various flavors of initial stages (created from the controller interface) used for the initial compromission of the target system.

WSC2 main features:
  • Various stager (powershell one liner, various JScript file) - this is not limited, you can easily come up with your own stagers, check the templates folder to get an idea
  • Interactive shell (with environment persistency)
  • File transfer back and forth between the agent and C2
  • Multiple agents support

Installation & Configuration
Installation is pretty straight forward:
  • Git clone this repository: git clone WSC2
  • cd into the WSC2 folder: cd WSC2
  • Install the python dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Give the execution rights to the main script: chmod +x
Check the configuration file and ensure the default config fits your needs.
Start the controller by typing: ./

Compiling your own agent
The JScript agent (stager 'jscript1') doesn't need to be compiled.
The 'jscript2', 'jscript3' and 'psoneliner' stagers are based on a .Net assembly DLL that you can choose to build on your own/modify, based on the source code provided.
Although it is perfectly OK to use the provided wsc2.dll, you can very easily compile your own agent, from the source code provided. You'll need Visual Studio installed.
Create a .Net (Visual C#) Class Libray projet. Add the wsc2Agent.cs source file as the main source code file.
Add the following references to your project:
  1. Microsoft HTML Object Library (MSHTML)
  2. Microsoft Internet Controls (SHDocVw)
Build !

Author: Arno0x0x - @Arno0x0x

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