NMapGUI - Advanced Graphical User Interface for NMap

NMapGUI is an advanced graphical user interface for NMap network analysis tool. It allows to extend and ease the typical usage of NMap by providen a visual and fast interface with the application.

If you have any questions about NMapGUI usage or want to get in contact with me, please visit:

  • Multiple command execution at the same time.
  • Standard NMap output.
  • HTML report NMap output.
  • Saving output as XML.
  • Output minimizing, maximizing and deleting.
  • Menu to find most of nmap options.
  • Start and stop the webapp at any moment.


For the moment, NMapGUI can't be installed, it's just a compressed java jar application.
So just go to the releases page and download the latest zip, unzip it and enjoy NMapGUI! On progress: Menu creation

Starting the application

For the moment, you will have to execute the jar file. If you have java properly configured in your Linux system, it should work just by double-clicking the jar file. Otherwise, you will have to launch it with your console. for that I recommend the following command:
nohup java -jar nmapGUI-0.3.1-snapshot.jar $
as it will let you close the console and still use the app.

Visit wiki to find out how to use NMapGUI

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