SSH-Weak-DH - SSH Weak Diffie-Hellman Group Identification Tool

This tool establishes SSH connections to a server, thereby enumerating through various client configurations, in order to determine whether the server allows a Diffie-Hellman (DH) key exchange based on a weak group. We hope that our tool will be useful to check SSH servers for weak DH key exchange configurations.



This tool was tested under Ubuntu 14.04 and Mac OS X Yosemite. Although we have not tested our tool with other Linux distributions, its dependencies do not restrict its use to Ubuntu.
The setup script downloads, patches, and compiles a portable OpenSSH variant for Linux. For this process to succeed, you need to have the dependencies for compiling OpenSSH installed.
Other requirements include wget, tar, shasum, the patch tool, the bash shell, and Python 2.7 or later.
On a Debian-based system, use the following command to install dependencies:
sudo apt-get install coreutils build-essential automake patch libssl-dev python bash wget tar
Installing the aforementioned packages, might already suffice to successfully build the patched OpenSSH client. If the client fails to build due to missing dependencies, use the following command to install all build dependencies:
sudo apt-get build-dep openssh


On a Linux machine change to this directory and run:
chmod +x *.sh *.py


Run ./ hostname [port]. The results are printed on stdout. More detailed results can be found in the ssh-weak-dh directory under the subfolder whose name has the form hostname-port where hostname and port are the corresponding command line parameters.
The script calls the analysis script to analyze the results stored in the aforementioned subfolder. Our analysis script is a standalone script and can be run on a results folder as follows:
./ ssh-weak-dh/localhost-22
The example above analyzes the results of the scan for the SSH server running on port 22 on localhost.
WARNING: This tool tests a limited number of configurations and therefore potentially fails to detect some weak configurations. Moreover, the server possibly blocks connections before the scan completes.

As for OpenSSH servers, provides configuration suggestions.

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