Faraday v1.0.21 - Collaborative Penetration Test and Vulnerability Management Platform

Faraday is the Integrated Multiuser Risk Environment you were looking for! It maps and leverages all the knowledge you generate in real time, letting you track and understand your audits. Our dashboard for CISOs and managers uncovers the impact and risk being assessed by the audit in real-time without the need for a single email. Developed with a specialized set of functionalities that help users improve their own work, the main purpose is to re-use the available tools in the community taking advantage of them in a collaborative way!

Now you can view all your Hosts within the sidebar, each with its OS and number of vulnerabilities found. But that's not all - if you click one of the hosts the Hosts detail window will be displayed showing host data and all of its Interfaces and Services will be listed in a tree structure, along with all the vulnerabilities found in each of them. On the rightmost part of the window, you'll have all the information about your selected objects, like ports and protocol for your Services or severity for your Vulnerabilities.

Hosts detail window

Say goodbye to manually copying your reports to the report folder and waiting for Faraday to detect the file. Just click on the import report button on the rightmost top corner of Faraday GTK, select a plugin to parse your report and then choose the report. As easy as that.

Import report button and dialog

Some actions take a while to load and that's a part of handling great amounts of data, regardless you should know what's happening backstage while the program is unresponsive. That's why we added a Loading dialog for some critical operations, like changing workspaces. Never again wonder what Faraday is doing!

Loading dialog

Pro & Corp changes:

  • Fixed the title color for all vulns in the Executive Report -  all vuln titles were painted as critical due to a problem with the template, but not anymore!

Community, Pro & Corp changes:

  • Added Import Report dialog to Faraday GTK
  • Added a 'Loading workspace...' dialog to Faraday GTK
  • Added host sidebar to Faraday GTK
  • Added host information dialog to Faraday GTK with the full data about a host, its interfaces, services and vulnerabilities
  • Added support for run Faraday from other directories - supported in all interfaces
  • Fixed log reappearing after being disabled if user created a new tab
  • Fixed bug regarding exception handling in Faraday GTK
  • Now Faraday GTK supports Ctrl+Shift+C / Ctrl+Shift+V to Copy/Paste
  • Faraday will now not crash if you suddenly lose connection to your CouchDB

We hope you enjoy it, and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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