ATSCAN v6.2 - Search / Site / Server Scanner


  • SEARCH engine
  • XSS scanner.
  • Sqlmap.
  • LFI scanner.
  • Filter wordpress and Joomla sites in the server.
  • Find Admin page.
  • Decode / Encode MD5 + Base64.
  • Ports scan.
  • Scan E-mails in sites.
  • Use proxy.
  • Random user agent.
  • Fandom search engine.
  • Scan errors.
  • Detect Cms.
  • Multiple instant scan.
  • Disponible on BlackArch Linux Platform.

Libreries to install:
ap-get install libxml-simple-perl
aptitude install libio-socket-ssl-perl
aptitude install libcrypt-ssleay-perl
NOTE: Works in linux platforms. Best Run on Ubuntu 14.04, Kali Linux 2.0, Arch Linux, Fedora Linux, Centos | if you use a windows you can download manualy.

Download & Executution:
git clone
chmod +x ATSCAN
$chmod +x
Execute: perl ./
Help: perl ./ --help
Update: perl ./ --update


Set tor proxy [Ex: socks://localhost:9050]
dork to search [Ex: house,cars,hotel]
Scan level (+- Number of page results to scan)
Xss scan
joomla local file inclusion scan
Captured Target
Captured Full Target
Set exploit
Text to validate results
Sqlmaping xss results
local file inclusion
get joomla sites with rfi
shell link [Ex: ]
get wordpress sites with arbitery file download
get site admin page
get site subdomains
scan server ports
start scan port
end scan port
complete mode
basic mode
Select mode you can set rang of ports
sites in the server
get wordpress sites
Getjoomla sites
get sites with upload files
get sites with zip files
file prefix to save results (if not set tool sets one)
convert to md5
encode base64 string
decode base64 string
check http status 200
Extract e-mails
External Command
string to replace
string to replace with
Set prefix to saved files
Set range of ip
Hide tool banner
Produce beep sount if positive scan found

Simple search:
Search: --dork [dork] --level [level]
Search with many dorks: --dork [dork1,dork2,dork3] --level [level]
Search + set save file: --dork [dorks.txt] --level [level] --save myfile.txt
Search + Replace + Exploit: --dork [dorks.txt] --level [level] --replace [string] --with [string] --valid [string]
Search + Extract e-mails: --dork [dorks.txt] --level [level] --email

Subscan from Serach Engine:
Search + Exploitation: --dork [dork] --level [10] --xss/--lfi/--wp ...
Search + xss + sqlmap: --dork [dork] --level [10] --xss --sqlmap
Search + Server Exploitation: -t [ip] --level [10] --xss/--lfi/--wp ...
Search + Server Exploitation: --rang --level [10] --xss/--lfi/--wp ...
Search + Replace + Exploit: --dork [dork] --level [10] --replace [string] --with [string] --exp [exploit] --xss/--lfi/--wp ...

Search + Exploit + Validation: --dork [dork] --level [10] --exp --isup/--valid [string]
Search + Server Exploit + Validation: -t [ip] --level [10] --exp --isup/--valid [string]
Search + Replace + Exploit: --dork [dork] --level [10] --replace [string] --with [string] --isup/--valid [string]

Use List / Target:
-t [target/targets.txt] --exp --isup/--valid [string]
-t [target/targets.txt] --xss/--lfi ..

Get Server sites: -t [ip] --level [value] --sites
Get Server wordpress sites: -t [ip] --level [value] --wp
Get Server joomla sites: -t [ip] --level [value] --joom
Get Server upload sites: -t [ip] --level [value] --upload
Get Server zip sites files: -t [ip] --level [value] --zip
WP Arbitry File Download: -t [ip] --level [value] --wpadf
Joomla RFI: -t [ip] --level [1] --joomfri --shell [shell link]
Scan basic tcp (quick): -t [ip] --ports --basic tcp
Scan basic udp basic (quick): -t [ip] --ports --basic udp
Scan basic udp+tcp: -t [ip] --ports --basic udp+tcp
Scan complete tcp: -t [ip] --ports --all tcp
Scan complete udp: -t [ip] --ports --all udp
Scan complete udp+tcp: -t [ip] --ports --all udp+tcp
Scan rang tcp: -t [ip] --ports --select tcp --start [value] --end [value]
Scan rang udp: -t [ip] --ports --select udp--start [value] --end [value]
Scan rang udp + tcp: -t [ip] --ports --select udp+tcp --start [value] --end [value]

Encode / Decode:
Generate MD5: --md5 [string]
Encode base64: --encode64 [string]
Decode base64: --decode64 [string]

External Command:
--dork [dork/dorks.txt] --level [level] --command "curl -v --TARGET"
--dork [dork/dorks.txt] --level [level] --command "curl -v --FULL_TARGET"
-t [target/targets.txt] --level [level] --command "curl -v --TARGET"
-t [target/targets.txt] --command "curl -v --FULL_TARGET"

Multiple Scan:
--dork [dork] --level [10] --xss/--lfi/--wp ...
--dork [dork] --level [10] --replace [string] --with [string] --exp [exploit] --xss --lfi --wp ...
-t [ip] --level [10] --xss --lfi --wp ...
-t [targets] --xss --lfi --wp ...

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