SparkyLinux - Lightweight & fast Debian-based Linux Distribution

SparkyLinux is a GNU/Linux distribution created on the “testing” branch of Debian. It features customized lightweight desktops (like E19, LXDE and Openbox), multimedia plugins, selected sets of apps and own custom tools to ease different tasks.

Why Sparky?

SparkyLinux is a Debian-based Linux distribution which provides ready to use, out of the box operating system with a set of slightly customized lightweight desktops.

Sparky is targeted to all the computer’s users who want replace existing, proprietary driven OS to open-sourced.

Sparky is also targeted to two different groups of users:
  • Full Editions – with all the tools, codecs, plugins and drivers preinstalled – to the users who want to have everything ready and works from the first system’s run
  • Base Editions – with minimal set of tools – to advanced users who like to set up everything as they want

Main features of Sparky
  • Debian testing based
  • rolling release
  • lightweight, fast & simple
  • set of desktops to choose: LXDE, Enlightenment, JWM, KDE, LXQt, Openbox, MATE, Xfce
  • ultra light base edition with Openbox or JWM desktops
  • special gaming edition: GameOver
  • CLI Edition (no X) for building customized desktop
  • most wireless and mobile network cards supported
  • set of selected applications, multimedia codecs and plugins
  • own repository with a large set of additional applications
  • easy hard drive / USB installation
In general, Sparky is not targeted to Linux beginners, rather to users with some amount of Linux knowledge.

Anyway, the Linux beginners are welcome too – our forums is open for any question.

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