Q-shell - Quick Shell for Unix Administrator

q-shell is quick shell for remote login into Unix system, it use blowfish crypt algorithm to protect transport data from client to server, you can get two program: 'qsh' for client, and 'qshd' for server, those program can rename by any name with you prefer.


Just enter 'make' and it will automation to compile, but, you must input the server key.

  1. server:
    Just run qshd on server:
       $ ./qshd
    But, you would like to run after change it to other name, such as:
       $ mv qshd smbd
       $ export PATH=.:$PATH
       $ smbd
  2. client:
    Set some environment variable, then run qsh:
      $ export _IP=
      $ export _PORT=2800
      $ unset _P
      $ ./qsh shell
    Now you already login into server $_IP .

More function

q-shell include more function to manage system:

  1. put/get files:
    $ ./qsh get /path/to/server/file .
    $ ./qsh put /path/to/local/file  /path/to/server/file
  2. run a command on server:
    $ ./qsh exec 'ls -l /bin'
  3. update server program:
    $ ./qsh update /path/to/local/qshd
    This function will update remote qshd, and run again.
  4. automation to run command on many server:
    $ for i in {10..20} ; do \
          export _IP=192.168.0.$i
          export _PORT=2800
          export _P=key   # set key
          ./qsh exec 'ls -l /bin'
    Note: qsh use $_P to fetch server key, so you should erase all history data after to use $_P.
  5. update password
    start with version 3.2, you can update the password as below:
      $ ./qsh passwd

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